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1.  When  you choosing what expression will lead the character you working on,what influence your choice mostly, is it your mood or your desire toshow the character the way you see it?

Iam not interested in creating a realistic portrait of the character,but in expressing the energy they contain within, their internalscream. I have not been aware of it, but I have been working on thistopic over and over again, the scream. I might be obsessed with it,although I don’t know why.

Ilike the force of this vehement liberating gesture, releasing anger,impotence, vindicating, demonstrating the existence of a wild side,etc.

Ilike to stress this duality ofthe human being. Some times the character’s face is portrayed in apassive mood, but I superpose this internal shriek as paths orstrokes. As Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

Evenwhen their expression is self-controlled, I like to show thisinternal conflict. The empty eyes help to convey this weird, derangedfeeling.

2.  I know that you like B movies, what do you like about them most?

Ilike their ambience, their atmosphere, their texture in the acting,the topics, which are usually horror stories. I enjoy theirbizarreness, weirdness, eccentricity, as well as their independenceand naivety.

Itry to achieve some of that in some of my illustrations, thisfictitious side … an awkward feeling in which you don’t knowwhether to laugh or to be afraid. They are tragicomic. Like thecharacters of my illustrations, they have round eyes and red noses,but they are not 100% funny or nice, they are rather sinister.

Iam interested in popular culture and in working with icons of popularculture, like the monsters and characters that you usually find inthis type of movies.

3.  Is there a character that you desire to illustrate but you don'tdare?

Idon’t know, I can’t think of any one right now.

4.  Why do you choose to highlight precisely the nose and specially withred color and to make eyes hollow and inhuman?

Whileliving in Manchester, I saw a portrait of L.S. Lowry, The Man withRed Eyes (1938) at the Lowry Museum in Salford( It was arather grotesque portrait, a head of a man with a red nose and roundeyes, staring out into the emptiness. It conveyed a deep emotionaltension. When I returned home I wanted to try these features on myportraits. The characters got an appearance that matched what I hadbeen looking for, they were introspective, distant, but this emptylook expressed their angst, panic or horror. The red nose would add agrotesque counterpoint to their dramatic expression.

5.  Is there anything in the world that you will be able to leave for iteverything you do right now?

Uf,what a question! I don’t know… I guess there is… there must besomething that in a given moment could take you to make thatdecision, in that particular moment…

6.  In one of your interviews you mentioned that right now Chileanartists starting to search for more provocative way to identifythemselves, and that they explore elements of their local popularculture and integrate them into their works,

Areyou identifying yourself with that stream although you live outsideChile?

Yes,in several of my works I use some popular local icons or referencesfrom my home country. I am very interested in urban popular graphicculture and in the signs of cultural identity of different countries.I have been collecting these images in a Tumbler of mine

Ithink that some of these elements also make it into my works, theymight be recognizable although I am not aware of it. A lot of peoplehave associated my color palette to my south american origin.

7.  What do you think has bigger effect on your works, your Chileanorigin, people you meet during your life in Europe or your lifeoutside your homeland?

Ithink it is the sum of all that. Theinflux of different cities and the experience of living in differentplaces. In four years I have lived in Chile, Madrid, Manchester andGranada. It is the result of my background and what I have lived inthese cities, the inputs I have been exposed to in the last years.

8.   Illustration is the last artistic medium you started to deal with,why did you choose illustration? Whatis so attractive about it for you?

Actually,my illustration work came up rather spontaneously, unplanned.It was something new that one day I decided to give it a try. Sometime after that it started to grab attention and it’s become mymain activity now. All of this in a couple of years.

Ilike it because it is a personal work that I can do wherever I am. Idon’t need much equipment or longer, time consuming processes as inmy previous audiovisual work. I enjoy the process, experimenting, thesearch for a plastic language and the problem-solving process.

Ilike it that I get commissions that look for my own style. I enjoy ita lot and I like it that it is a world in which there is a lot ofsupport and good feelings from fellow illustrators. I also appreciatethe freedom of working as a freelancer.

9.   In other interviews you said that you are optimistic person and thatyour favorite color is orange, so why you use so much blue shadows inyour works?

Actually,I don’t remember having said that I am optimistic, becauseI am not very optimistic in general.

Regardingthe formal aspects, I do like the contrast of orange and blue, butthis is based on aesthetic grounds and not on my state of mind.

10.  Most of your illustrated characters look frightened or trying toterrify the viewer, is there anything you are afraid of?

Yes,rats, snakes, clowns, mimes…and politicians and bankers, who could be a synonym of the former.

11.  What would you like to make people feel when they see your works?

Iwould be satisfied if they are not indifferent, if it provokessomething in them, whatever that be. And if there were two people,that they feel opposite emotions, that would be nice.

12.  As a writer I like to watch people and describe them through words,what make you to look inside human personalities, what is the mostinteresting for you about this search?

Itis very difficult for me to express or describe in words what I see.That is why I work with graphic images, which are more polysemous.The result is a mix, most of the time a contradictory mix of what Iwant to highlight.

Ofcourse I am interested in humanity and human nature, in this contextI am interested in exploring the scream as an expression of humancondition.
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